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wax melt pots - plastic free

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wax melt pots - plastic free

Introducing the first highly scented, seasonal wax melt pots at Oh so Scenty.

And what better way to say Merry Christmas than with a delicious collection of autumn/winter inspired wax melts?

There’s a scent here for everyone and I highly recommend that you try them all!

How do I use these?

Remove the wax from the pot and cut them either in half, thirds or quarters. Then take a piece and pop it into the well of your burner.
Next, get cosy under a warm blanket with a hot cup of coco and enjoy the aroma.

As you’ll see these little wax melt pots look like plastic Deli-pots, but they’re not!
They are in-fact made of plants, making them plastic-free and eco friendly.
Using only renewable natural materials like trees, corn and sugarcane you can rest assured you’re reducing your plastic waste.

Why not plastic?

This is because plant based materials emit less carbon than plastic which is why, we have chosen to use these pots instead for our wax melts keeping in theme with our zero waste and plastic free ethos.

These amazing pots of wonder are also certified fully COMPOSTABLE so when you’re finished with them simply peel the labels off (pop them in your recycling bin) and put them into your food bin! Et viola, zero waste!

These wax melts weigh approx 40g with 40+ hour burn time.

Please only use 1 single 4 hour tealight as using too big/many can cause the burner to crack.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Please never move a lit candle.