Reusable cotton cleansing pads (x3)

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Reusable cotton cleansing pads (x3)

Say bye bye to disposable cottons pads and hello to our brand new reusable cotton cleansing pads!

Being an eco-friendly brand, I saw an opportunity and I ran with it. I bring to you these lovingly handmade cleansing pads, hand crocheted by my aunt.

Available as a set of 3 in a range of colours, chosen by us!

These can be hand washed or washed at at 30° but be sure to pop them in a machine safe bag first. I advise you wash before use also, like with anything new.

For use, simply apply your face cleanser like normal and gently wash off with one side of the damp cleansing pad, then, apply toner to the other side of the pad and apply like normal before moisturising for soft, supple and nourished skin.

These are a staple to my own facial cleansing routine, soft enough for sensitive skin whilst acting as a gentle exfoliant.

Make the change today, your skin will thank you for it.