Pink glass wax melter

Pink glass wax melter

Beautiful pink glass wax warmer.

Add that extra little bit of class to your wax melt experience, simply place a piece of wax into the well of the warmer and place 1 tealight, no bigger than a 4 hour tealight into the base of the warmer.
The bigger the tealight the shorter the burn time and we sisters like longevity with our wax 💕

Advice/instructions for use;

Please do not stack tealights with this burner.

Do not use 6/8 hour tealights.

Best used with a single 2/3 hour tealight.

Always burn on a heatproof surface.

Never leave your waxmelt warmer unattended.

When cleaning, use a soft cloth and gently wipe clean.

When removing wax, it's best to allow the wax to melt and use a cotton pad to avoid poking and prodding the wax.

If you use force to remove the wax, you run the risk of cracking, breaking and/or shattering the warmer.

Please don't stick knives into the well of the warmer in an attempt to remove the wax.

Basically treat this burner like your favourite gin glass! She will last indefinitely if she's well looked after and respected! 💕